We are grateful to announce new sponsors for 2018 April 19, Sonic Voyage Fest at Drom, NYC.

We are grateful to announce new sponsors for the 2017 Fall Sonic Voyage Fest.

We carefully select the companies that we partner with to bring Sonic Voyage Fest (SVF) to you.  We ask you to offer them your support – at our festival and throughout the year.  Without these great people and their companies SVF would not be able to bring such great music to our amazing fans!

Redhouse Productions specializes in integrating Immersive technology and live music. Redhouse Productions will be capturing live footage for Sonic Voyage in October.

Rita Kay Drew
Fiscal Officer, Bazetta Township
Owner, Arcady Sales & Consulting LLC dba Ace Equipment North
Owner, The Band Wagon
Rita has been on the frontline for SVF in the Midwest.